LED Recessed Taillights #84/85 Series

Part No 47-85-004
LED triple lights for either vertical or horizontal mounting. Radius corners. Bases in black, white, colonial white and chrome plated finish. Clear LED or incandescent backup light lenses surrounded by a Class "A" red reflex lens. Incandescent lens, red w/red insert, for clearance/side marker applications only. Lenses meet FMVSS/CMVSS 108 requirements. Prewired (supply and ground) for easy installation. Cutout: 12 11/16" X 5 1/2", Overall: 14 1/16" X 6 15/16" X 1 1/4" w/ 1" depth
Brand: Bargman
Part Number: 47-85-004
Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty
UPC: 016118092844
Dimensions: 2.5" x 14.5" x 7.5" (Shipping)
Weight: 1.89 lbs

When used together, the following parts make up the product (Kit) at the top of the page. They can be purchased together as part of the kit or as separate components for replacement or repair; however, ALL of the following MUST be used in order for the above product to work as advertised.

Tool Sizes Needed
Replacement Part

Replacement Part

Part No 47-84-420

Replacement Part, LED #84 Series Stop, Tail, Turn Light Lens Module Red with Wires

Incandescent Upgrade Lens #84/85 Series

Incandescent Upgrade Lens #84/85 Series

Part No 47-84-711

Enhanced Height Incandescent Backup Lens Only, Red Reflex w/Clear Center - Red Border

Incandescent Upgrade Lens #84/85 Series

Incandescent Upgrade Lens #84/85 Series

Part No 48-84-711

Enhanced #84/86 Incandescent Backup Lens

This product is not vehicle specific.
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